What hacks to use to promote an Insta page in 2022

Instagram page in 2022

Whatever you might think of Instagram, in 2022 it is more of a business platform, and not a place for posting heavily filtered photos to please people’s egos. It has over one billion monthly active users, and companies, brands and bloggers use that a lot to spread a word about their products, services and informational property. However, new companies and brands and content creators come here daily, trying to find their own channels of interaction and communication with the audience, and, surely, the ways to monetize their content. In this text we will review several helpful tools that beginners can use to promote their Insta pages in 2022 and gather an audience of their dreams asap! Let’s begin with the free tools and then move to the paid ones, such as a possibility to buy Instagram followers and setting a targeted ad. 

But beforehand we should say several words about the quality of an Instagram profile that will go through the development successfully – first of all, it has to be authentic (not copied from the profiles’ of other bloggers in your niche. Surely, you can seek inspiration in them, but never blindly copy what other people put forward) and packed with a personal logo and brand’s identity which you should work on at the very beginning. If you feel like you don’t have the skill or patience to figure it out, you can delegate it to specialists (e.g. content manager, SMM manager, copywriter and graphic designer) and concentrate on interacting with the audience and organizing the promotion yourself. 

Instagram page in 2022
  • After that you can seek ways to promote your page. First of all, it would be smart to take advantage of hashtags, as those can seriously increase the number of your posts’ views, likes and even your profile’s subs. To collect them correctly, you should think of your stuff as if you were your own potential follower or client: what words would you use to look it up? Write them down and then put them in the right order: from the widest term to the narrowest one; after that filter them and leave only 5-15 hashtags that you find most suitable and convenient. Save them somewhere offline and use them every time you put forward new content. You can even use them for your stories, reels and IGTVs. When you’re going to get your audience, you should also think of a branded hashtag, so that people are able to find your content easily and quickly. 
  • The next thing you should definitely use is a chance for free mutual PR. It can be easily found by reaching out to bloggers who have the same number of subs as you do – they are also looking for ways to spread a word about their content, and if you’d write them an offer to collaborate, you will definitely succeed. Both of you will be able to exchange and increase the audiences you have, and if you’d collaborate with several bloggers from your niche like that, your audience might go from 100 subs to 1000 really quickly. 
  • Look for activity chats in Telegram and in What’s App. These are the places where content creators gather and support each other by leaving each other likes and becoming each other’s subs; this one is great for beginners (and not that helpful for those who already have gained their audience and want to get more subs) – so make sure that you spend some time chatting with content creators and leaving them likes. This will also help to gain bonds in this sphere, so that in the future you’d have people to come to for free mutual PR more than once. 

However, paid methods help to develop the page quicker and with less effort put in, so you should definitely know how to buy Instagram followers and set a targeted ad, and what important points you have to keep in mind while doing that. 

In terms of purchasing subs there is one important nuance – you need to take on exclusively real followers if you want nice results. Fakes and bots instead of real people subscribing to your page will make your statistics worsen; Instagram’s algorithms will perceive your page as fake too and will stop showing your content as recommended to other people. So check the quality of the services you’re about to attain, and if you don’t have time for that, just use the links from this article – these will save you time, nerve and even money. 

If we’re talking about setting a beneficial targeted ad, you need to make it suitable to your account’s current size. If you have a page with 100 of subs and several likes under each post, there is no need to set an ad that is going to cost you $100 – set smaller scale settings and audience reach and start off gradually. Then, after you get more readers, you will be able to widen your audience reach and stay sure that you spend money purposefully. 


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