Good Night Quotes

Good Night Quotes For Friends

Good Night Quotes For Love

Good night, gorgeous. I can scarcely wait until I see you tomorrow. I love you and will be feeling for you every waking moment.

Goodnight!” Because occasionally it’s that easy.

Given sufficient coffee, I could supervise the world.

Now dash away! dash away all!

Wish you were setting me to sleep instead, but I think I’ll take care of something myself.

When I’m not by your side, I close my eyes and try to place the sense of having you. Goodnight My Love!

To be attractive means to be yourself. You don’t need to be taken by others. You need to accept yourself.

Good Night Quotes For Love

Good Night Quotes For Her

He sprang to his sleigh, to his team whistled,

I love you more than I did yesterday but not more than I will tomorrow.

Look up in the evening sky. Make a wish and go to sleep so I can spend tomorrow trying to make it come true. Rest, my sweet love.

Good night, Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it is morrow.

I wish you a beautiful good night my love. I love you.

Have a very, good night, friend! You are wonderful!

Good Night Quotes For Her

Good Night Quotes For Friends

Every night you give me the ability to get a restful night’s sleep, wake up the next day and conquer the world. I want to send you the same. You’ve got this, gorgeous! Have a deep and peaceful sleep.

All I wish is that the dark when we are together would never end. When we are apart, I cannot bear it. Good night, my love.
Everyone should believe in something. I believe I will have another coffee.

Be the very best in what you set out to do, and the world will be there to embrace you with open arms.

It is a great feeling and pleasure to achieve during the day what you have set out to do so that you get a real good night’s sleep.

I love sleep. My life tends to fall apart when I’m awake, you know

The darkest night is often the bridge to the brightest tomorrow.

Good Night Quotes For Friends

Good Night Quotes For Husband

Goodnight my Darling, my Love, my Angel! Today has been special for you

Night has become painful for me. It brings to light the regrets of the day.

I hope you know how honored I am to call you my girlfriend/wife, I wanted you to know this before you close your eyes.

My life has become more blissful and serene ever since I met you, such a wonderful friend like you. Good night.

My dearest sweetheart, I miss you so much, and I can’t wait to be in your arms once again. I love you, good night!

One day, we will never have to say goodbye, only good night.

Good Night Quotes For Girlfriend

Good Night Quotes For Girlfriend

Early to rising, early to bed, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and dead.

Sleep Tight And Good Night As I Wish You The Best Of Dreams With All Of My Might.

I think of you every day and every night because you are the one for me. I love you so much! Good Night!
Goodnight My Love, For You May Be Away From Me Now, But You Will Be In My Heart Forever

I think the best way to get a good night’s sleep is to work hard throughout the day. If you work hard and, of course, work out.
When the clock strikes nine, it winks at you and says that it is the time, to make yourself rest in your fine, comfy bed and wish everyone, a very Good Night.

I am now browsing through those pictures we took when we were together, hoping that my lonely night will pass by so quickly. Good night my darling; I love you so much!


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